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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Window into my life

well i have bacterial pneumonia...nothing more i can say about that, other than i simply enjoy the fact that i finally know why the heck i have (and still am) coughing out my lungs.

im going to UTA and find that it is a superb college.
  • my english teacher (aka the hulk) loves anime and punctured a mans lung at the age of 15.
  • my astronomy teacher is too controlling, trying to go further in her own skooling experiance. but the subject matter is good enough for me to stay positive
  • my art, im still working out her. she's sort of an indian hippie, "free up your arms and wrist, so the pencil can flow" or something like that. my peers are awesome enough, lol tami vu is in there too, irony since she was in my ap art class, which may haunt me. the class is a basics course, so she teaching pretty much how to hold the pencil, which in both instances just and ridiculously unjust...but i'll get over that paradox oxymoron whatever.
  • my political science teacher is on the alaskan youkon border on a police and rescue assignment for the first 2 weeks of skool. this guys means business, and he is going to be a great teacher, but the class just might kill me hears his website

you can click "2311" under 'univ of texas announcements' to read his address to my class

  • My film/video teacher seems to be similar to me, in several instances. which is good to some extent. ive already think ive got some cool classmates to co-film all of our projects with. this course is going to make or break me in my hopes and dreams on going into the cinema business. pressure

Socially, I've got...well not a lot going on currently, since im quarentined in my room. But ive got some amazing friends in my life.

In spite of the fact God has taken them far away from me these amigas are some of the most amazing girls i know

Morgan: has always been someone i can look up to (spiritually) and i can always count on her to be iron when i need to be sharpened. she is a great example for any christian.

Kelsey: is very near and dear to my heart. she is half my comedy act, (pun intended) by her choice. Short jokes are my terms of endearment towards her.

Stephanie: is the newest in my circle of friends. But thats totally ok, she's a really fun person to be around, especially if you happen to be a fan of sister act 2. Also! she makes an ample amount of bizarre noises (and we'll hopefully make them for one of my movies in the years to come)

Back home ive got a slew of friends such as Becca, & Becca Rhodsey, Sara Kelley, Matthew, Kreider and Colin.

The Becca's are my artist sisters in Christ, and im thankful for our steadily growing/intertwining relationships. (since they are attending Uta as well)

Speaking of Mavericks, sara kelley is one of those and ive throughly appreciated our relationship. She's always checking up on me, when im sick or EMOtional. We share many similar interests, and old high skool friends. gitchy gitchy goo, sara.

now for my boys, they are all my accountability partners, and always have been there for me along my christian pilgrimage. Especially when having long talks about the womenfolk in our lives.

Kreider: formerly my missions, dnow and youth camp sleeping buddy. sadley thats over and done with. unless he comes to UTA likes he's thinking about doing. he's maturing in the Lord superbly, and is a great percussionist.

Colin: i would almost like to say i can look to him as a mentor. i know he would just shrug his shoulders or something since he doesn't really like compliments. He is genuine in our bible study discussions and everyday conversations. We shared many a loud car ride listening to great music, and great bands. Tu tienes mas mi corazon, senor Colin.

Matthew: oh matthew know me better than anyone other person on earth. He and i have been living frighteningly, amazingly, and sometimes comedically similar lives! and we like to believe God had originally designed us as one person, but realized it would have been too much greatness and talent in one person. so he divided us. but i wouldn't ask for it any other way are the david to my jonathan, and your love is greater than that of a womans! remember that.

Now slow down these aren't the only people in my life, there are still a great number of friends who i cherish to have in my life. But these were the ones i chose for this blog. I care for and want to be a part of pratically all the relationships God places on my path, but He gives and takes away. I cherish the works he does through and in them! :)

I was going to close with a song by Phil Wickham, but i changed my mind (and will blog it right after this one with two emery songs) BECAUSE i really wanted to share this video, that has already brightened my day up 3 times today! i hope you enjoy it as much i do!!! and believe me this is has really no relation at all to what we've been discussing other than the fact that it makes me extremely happy! so don't even try to guess what it is, just click the link. :D :D :D :D

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