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Monday, November 29, 2010

2:45 a.m.

so ive been talking to this bird-girl for almost 2 hours on skype...

~so basically~
i like her.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


heyy you. lets runaway
lets blow this joint; not drugs, but more so lets burn rubber
lets fly
lets get away and leave the rest behind
because baby when its you and me
everything is alright
you love me
i love you
i can always be there for you,
and well you can be there for me too.
im tired of this.
actually we need people
it cant be just us.
well it can
it should
it will
we wont shut out the past completely but...
Lets go travel Europe!!
haha WAIT we need money!
we'll get money
its wonderful there, and we could start a new,
and get to living our lives
as our life.
then we'll tour Europe
BUT later we should vacate to AUSTRALIA
I want to live there
for some extended period of time..
it'll be fun.
you could be a photographer,
and a journalist (the diary or blog or imagionative Alice-esque author kind)
and i'd be a little of everything
mostly a sketch artist, but incorporate lots of styles, and such
and we could make movies.
professional Sundance like movies.
not...anyother kind. lol
thats awkward:
palm tree
turtle is what it is...God given.
im not sure where i want mine to go right now...
but i kinna want you to be apart of it.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Forbidden Love

I love you
i love you
our love will last forever
our love will last forever, in the context of love, and not lovely feelings alone
lets run run run
will have fun fun fun
and when its over...what 'll happen?
will i still love you the same way?
when its over will i still love you?
will i still want to pursue you?
to marry you?
live my life in unity with you?
this is great
i totally love you!
i totally love you
i accept you
will never judge you
i want the best for you
i will always be here to
with you.
but romantically...
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!
romantically I'm unsure
I'm not ready
romantically we are not in the same readiness
that is to say,
i don't think...
maybe we are...
I want to be ready
i want to say we should spend the rest of our life her on earth together...
i want you
i want you so baAaAaAaad
i love you
you love me
we should be free
we are free
in Christ we are free
outside there is bondage, whether we acknowledge it or not.
sex is something i am highly anticipating...but i can't have it now
i want to soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
I'm trying to become a man of God
(not a monk! haha, i do plan to kiss girls, and one day have one as my wife. lol)
I find joy in it, and joy trumps happiness.
can you hear me?
we'll be together...always
just you and me
we don't need anybody else
we need each other.
simple as that; but we need other people...
godly people, ungodly people
but be influenced by the godly,
and influence the less so.
we grow through all these experiences.
our bond as friend slash Jesus freaks can be strong without sex.
honestly it really can.
boundaries build a solid strong, trustworthy, non temporary relationship
totally openness and outpouring of self, is less stable.
openness is great, but with boundaries.
continues to hold you*
i love you...I'm just trying to understand it all.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


drive. drive. drive.
I'm on my way.
hello again...hi
lets watch a movie
Tin Man
(500) Days of summer
Moulin Rouge
The Secret of Kells
...maybe not all those movies..
yeah, we should just spend time together focused, you know?
watch Tin Man part 2 and 3
hang out together
catch up
we're merry
we're safe
we're happy
we're together

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


"if i don't continue to invest in my relationship with God, my outlet i go to when my friends are with there significant others, i can have someone to go to and not feel lonely. without the relationship with God, my dive into movies and television would be just as unsatisfying as if i was watching porn every night." -Myself talking to my brother

...i've started watching porn every night.

help me.

Friday, November 5, 2010

im not on a horse

im on a unicycle
on a tight-rope
and im juggling...
  • academics
  • social life
  • passion

those are my three globes

im shaking 'em up

im not a professional, im hardly amateur

theres not enough hours in the day for me to allow a equal time to disperse to all of them

im dropping the globes

starting a fresh...sort of

somethings gotta give, and i don't like to give up social life, and i have to do well academically

but what about my passion?! what about drawing, sketching when has my pened something that had depth to it...something that was not just a doodle on a boring piece of hmwk or exam?

ive gotta find time...if you catch please it, please come and share it with me.


time is melting
time is short
time is one force we can't have enough of
time is not in our hands
time is in our hands
we choose to do what we do
we choose how to spend our time
we choose what part of the day is wasted and what is a blessing
i have a lot in my hands
i have cast my lot each day
i have chosen what i do
i have procrastinated
i have moped
i have wasted
but i listened
but i helped
but i sang
but i watched
but i loved

seems like _____________