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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Loving oneself

It has been said you cannot love another without first loving yourself...otherwise you'd be hypocritical, right?

A friend of mine needs reasons for loving herself

so here are a few:
you are genuine
you are honest
you are caring
you are a teacher
you are a pretty devoted sister
you are encouraging
you are comforting
you are funny *discrestion advised* ;)
you are fun to be around
you are a lover
you are a independant person, who knows when and how to depend on others
you are understanding
you are a gifted person
you are a passionate person
you are a person who effectively uses her gifts (artistically for one example)
you are a listener
you are a child of the King who you love because He UNCONDITIONALLY loves you, because He made you, sent His son for you, who died and rose again for you.

These are some reasons to love yourself...they are some of the reasons why i love you, and why we are best friends...

i pray this helps is unfortunate that my phone was lost in a glitchy zone amidst my house...i wish i could have been there for you when you had first texted me, but i did not receive it until 30 minutes later.

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  1. I just want to say that when I read King, I thought of Elvis.