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Monday, June 8, 2009

i see the sun rising depressed

today has been a great day though...
  1. i woke up early and lent a helping car
  2. worked with the prek, and kindergardten kids
  3. directed the recreation times for music camp
  4. said goodbyes, and graduated
  5. went to chiles with BOTH sides of my immediate family, and had an enjoyable time
  6. received an itunes gift card, a considerably sum of cash, and a compaq notebook presarrio laptop

#6 is the outlet i sought after my late nite acts which now result in my depression.

for i have not had a laptop to myself for even a full 24 hours and ive already committed crimes against the purity and benevolence of my spiritual walk in Christ...which is redonk-cu-lo-sa because i have not enacted such sins for several months now, on the internet at least.

He is spite of the disturbing feel that ive fallen from grace...and He still knocks at my door offering GRACE for that He can use me.

prayer and repentance should be a daily duo and combatant against Satan's potential footholds, not just for when he has already gripped said footholds.


matthews music is comforting though :)

he's my best friend. God had originally intended for us to be one person but decided that it would be too much talent and love in one being so he thus separated us into me and him. XD

well i feel a little less burdened...time for prayer. afterall i have to get up in 4 1/2 hours, which is not a lot of sleep. however God can restore me enough in order to get me through tomorrows works and services.


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