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Thursday, June 11, 2009

An excerpt from a diary in Never Never Land

Today I spent the morning holding my Wendy Darling as the sun rose...close to my heart and under my nose. I kissed her head as the skies above secretly hid our hearts from the suns piercing eye...I do, I love her dearly. How well does she love me..? She has not given me a clear answer...

She is not living here with me, she flies back and forth between here and London. I've given her plenty of pixie dust and we've shared enough times to give her some happy thoughts to fly on. I didn't approve of this at first, but shes wants me to respect her life. However in this circumstance, how can I? Every time she travels back to London, she grows up a little bit more, all the while I stay home. In London there are boys, who are growing up as well...she...she has developed a love for one in particular. She tells me about him, but I don't like the potential of this budding relationship.

I...I..may be losing her...actually...I think I might have already lost her.

Why do I love her? How do will I prove it?

She was a stranger who had chosen to care for me, and gave me my shadow back. She was very pretty. Obviously I wanted to show her some sort of thanks, therefore I offered to take her and her younger brothers to my home. Little did I know my fall would come shortly after. As time flew by, we went from being kindly strangers, to friends, to closer friends, and happened, we fell...together,...TOGETHER, both filled with a fervor of passion, and love...

I, (Peter Pan) who have brought many lost friends to and from this place I call home, soon felt a feeling of love I had never known before.

We have many similar interests, and passions...and this seems to be sustainable. I thought we should leave it all to our Faith, in the Creator of the skies, and our homes.

Soon after all that time, the fun and great moments we shared, Wendy, John, Michael, and Me, they chose...she chose to leave me and head back to their home in London.

Parting makes the heart grow fonder. And I waited and waited and waited. Then I realized that I hadn't given them any pixie dust, which i assumed was the explain of why they hadn't returned yet. So i grabbed Tink and flew as fast as I could to London.

As I glided down I peered into the window that had started it all. Then I saw them. She was prettier than I had remembered...and the boys were taller. John and Michael saw me from their beds, and nearly leaped out of them. But I motioned for them to be quiet, I wanted to suprise Wendy. I opened the latch quietly. I then silently floated over her and as I was about to do one of my great rooster crows my shadow fell too far into her peripherals and she screamed! But it was a good scream, one of sudden fear, great excitement and relief. She then embraced me like she had once before in Never Never Land... I felt reborn.

They were all eager to return with me, and for once in a long while I felt whole again. We returned to my home, relived many old memories, and made some new ones. However, one memory will forever trump them all: We were sitting alone, Wendy and I, on top of one of the tallest of the giant sunflowers, while we enjoyed some midday snacks, and from out of the blue she gave me what I would soon come to know as a kiss. After she kissed me I tried to comfort her, as my head slowly stopped spinning, and we fell deeper in love.

On the eleventh shooting star in the eleventh hour I wished that they would not choose to return home...but they did.

I was very troubled by this descision. She said the boys needed to grow and experiance some more things back in London. Yet there was another boy in London whom was starting to become a young gentleman. The one she had told me about, the one whom was my only threat to losing my Wendy...

The Lost Friends and myself spent the next 3 months or so living life to the fullest we could. However...I couldn't help but to think of her, until that fateful night.

I was sitting alone on the shores of Mermaid Lagoon playing my comforting Flutekazoo, when I heard Wendy Darling calling for me as she was flying alone into Never Land. I was so excited to see her, I shot off the beach and flew as fast as I could to meet her.

There was a deep silence as we floated there just amidst the clouds. Each stared into the other's eyes...we held our breath, but as soon as our hearts began to grow louder and faster we rushed into each others embrace. We kissed and hugged unlike we've ever had before. That night we spent purley basking in the splendor of our love. Lying together on the shores, speaking of the good and bad times we've each had while apart. We held each other close that night, and into the morning.

Now you are caught up to today. We were lying in eachothers grasp, when I started to ask about the boys. And as she mentioned them his name slipped out...and I had to well do you like this guy? Do you spend a lot of time with him? A tear slowly began to trickle down her cheek...

While she was in London, this guy had won her heart and they were now in a serious she told me this I thought I could have died.

Tears started streaming when she saw the look behind my eyes. And she tried to explain the burden that was on her heart, since she says she feel the strongest feelings of love for me and him...

An eternity of love seemed to have been within our that hope seems lost...

I escorted her home...I kissed her on the cheek...and hugged her, and the love it sang out to the world did not last long enough...

I let her go...and she gently glided back into her room.

We each know our love for each other is stong enough to survive...but she wants me to forget everything and move on.

I hate the very thought of that idea. The love that is is it not the right thing?

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