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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Waco, glee, & gurls Alamode

Monday, I took a road trip with two of my friends, to attend a Fundraiser concert at Baylor university, which raised money to help send my friend and her two friends, go to india mission trip, this summer.
It was great, because she did not know we where coming, and when we showed up, she cried some, in overwhelming joy. :) i was suprised, because i did not know we were going to be that much of a blessing to her. anyways the bands/singers, were good but she was the best lol. it was good stuff. i heard more on how much she felt blessed by the three of us coming, on two accounts, one being from her father. Definately feeling super happy about it.

so GLEE is fueled by superficial, shallow, but complex, high school drama teachers and students combined. and ive just gotta say that these first two episodes of the new season have been incredulously drama packed. its good stuff.

also i am still kinda the whole relationshippo thoughtz, but will carry on carry on......

the Christian song of the night is "Beautiful" by Shawn Macdonald
the secular song of the night is "Need you Now" by Lady Antebellum

quote of the night: "Phillip loves hearing about how beautiful he is."

this statement is true, but 'love' might be a hyperbole....just appreciates it every once in while lol...and if its in a awesome romanticized situation, you bet your bottom dollar i do.

haha, well thats all for now


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  1. Phillip, you're beautiful, just so you know. :D