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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Theres this creeper...

..who i know, but i dont know. ive got like two ta four guesses, who she might be.

anyways she's been reading my blog, formspringing me, and probably alot of other stuff i need not to know about.

pretty much, she laid down some conviction in the comments box of my last post....and yeah.

i apologize for seemingly obessing over my first love, who apparently everyone knows, in some strange/ awkward way or another.

so yeah, going be working on...moving on....ugh.

actually i have been trying to find myself in the weeks as of late, and its been only slightly productive, because "with every channel on, we don't know where we belong." which for me, is quite true, ive watched a bazillion movies, tv shows, and youtubes, this semester, and its blows my mind. but in the end i need to find myself with little outside influence.

so yeah, 'touche' creeper. God used you. and He got me good, as usual. definately wasnt expecting that.

goodnight my creeper(s)

1 comment:

  1. i feel terrible.
    i didnt mean to make u upset, or creep you out, or to think i was some stalker. i'm not, and if it makes you feel better, i'm definitely not formspringing(?) you.
    there is never ever a need to apologize for emotion, let alone feelings about love.
    i just thought i would share my advice, but obviously i shouldnt have.
    i don't know what else to say, i'm sorry.
    i hope life gets much better for you, and i hope you see a light in the darkness.