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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Emery week begins

im donating my ears to the band Emery this week.

ive had very strong urges, dreams, thoughts of a second chance with her.........
however its seemingly....a dream only.
ive had little talk with any of my female friends, unless they iniate the conversation with me, we won't talk. i will respond and converse with them if they decide to talk to me, but im trying to not start my own conversations, simply because i feel that....idk... my relationship with God needs to stabilize and i need to stop obessing about fallin in love and marrying the girl he has for me. for the time being....
its killing me.... a lot is changing. im becoming incredbily estudious and pwning the majority of my skool work, and it alongside my responsibilties at church is quite good at taking up the mass majority of my time and energy etc. i just need to find a transition to finding peace and joy in my solitude with God.
if she came, if she called me, i would answer...its a terrifying...yet...still... a beautiful dream....
:) :/ :(

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  1. So, like a creeper, i looked at your blog. And honestly, i know we don't know each other that well, but love is a crazy crazy thing. And if you think that by being close friends with someone who is already in a committed relationship is love, then i would pose that you are not truly in touch with god. isnt one of the big 10 do not covet your neighbors wife? It may seem hard to get over infatuations like this, especially being your first one/love it seems like the end all be all, but honey, you are a great guy, funny intelligent, and amazing at what you do. Keep you head up, stop worrying about this girl (and we all know who it is..) and just find yourself. Going deeper into yourself will a)let you forget about her B) let you know what you truly want in a mate. And for a), i know you may not WANT to forget, but you need to. you soooo need to.
    you will find someone. i swear. you just have to be open, forget about what people SAY they are, and look at how people act.
    you are a good guy, and i wish you the best.
    -- <|:{]> its supposed to be a wizard.