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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Thought Express

*imagine a 1930's southern mans' accent telling this story*

Life is splendor and we are the wind. Or more properly stated "gone with the wind"

We are not followers but rather partakers in its thrill of adventure that is mighty flexible to any and every circumstance. My friends and I would the authority call "criminals" but others see ourselves differrently...We live for the moments, that draw us together. We love what we do and we do what we love; plain an' simple.

Today flirting with the beaches of Destin, tomorrow watching the sunrise over the Smokies. There are side trips that we make in order to live such a life. Requires guns, girls and confidence to love off of Banks, trains, and automobiles; the neccessities to life's sustainability.

Girls are essential. They are emotional and many a time they are confusing. Darling put the her cart berfore the horse so that we could not see the horse that caused sorrow and frustration into her cart...may have to shoot that horse. ...nawh don't reckon I would honestly shoot down whatever it is...but I sure as oxygen want it good and gone from my Darling.

"We were having so much fun today, we're not thinking about tomorrow..." unfortunatley we've found out the harder way...that has proven the redecision in our motto...some misfortunate deaths have occured amidst the group and we know our time is coming to a close.

Time for the Train. It is coming into town just to meet us.

I've got my girl, my basette hound, a stringed guitar and a empty canvas...LETS GO

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