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Friday, December 3, 2010

it's Christmas time!

sooo to sum up the crud in my life:
my spiritual walk with God, was only music, mentor sessions, and sunday mornings.

thats why my world was collasping

thats why ive had negative effects after my mentor meetings

thats why my roommate, and my darling were

mad at me, are hurt by me, do not know this me

i felt alone...

so very much, i didn't know wait to say...
its not easy

im not gonna let this Christmas season suck
Praise be to God for showing me these faults, and guide me to be my own person again. my old self, as i grow in my new self.
Happy Christmas.


  1. is everything okay?
    god this seems to sad. I don't know if you were trying to stay positive at the end there, or if everything is poop.
    hang in there, everything will be alright. it always is.

  2. nope everything was not okay. i did try to put a positive spin at the last segment. and things, they've improved. and yes everything will be alright, everything picks up/ theres always a silver lining.

    do you have a blog?