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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Love comes

ive gathered that this is a new phase in life.
they change rather often or rather slow.
im coming to a point where i can recognize the phases...
Phillip's phase for this school year:
*focusing on relationships, mind you*
my best friend, my fetus brother and i are not going to be able to spend as much time together
i will cherish the weekends
my friend kelsey says we will be hanging out more
i will enjoy this
my dear raina is six hours away and cannot come home
i will do my best to go and visit her at least once both semesters
my good friend michael kreider is my suitemate for the skool year
i will rejoice and grow with him, in Him
my covenant brother colin has gone off to skool again
we have been growing apart for lack of communication...i will play my part in praying thru this relationship issues
~another part of the phase~
also i will have to learn how to control my jealously, when i am a friend i cannot be jealous...
i will rejoice in my solitude, while being active in my new community
(confusing isnt it, haha)
i will discover a little more of who i am by doing so
sometime i will find an open door and start to casually date
diving deeper into prayer and creative art worship
theres more but i cant recall matter. this is the most notable...
Hakuna Matata

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