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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sanctus Real

read the title again! say it out loud. doesnt it sound so cool? thats a bands name, im not entirely in love with them, but two of their songs: 'Forgiven', and 'I'll show you how to live' have really give me joy, in these sea swept days of discover. so please check em out, go find it on youtube, lol.

the Toy Story trilogy is 99% without a doubt my favorite trilogy of all time. :)

wellpers, life goes on...

and i can't help but miss her...i dare say i'll have an explaination for her one day when she asks "why?"
i want to be there, but...lots of variables fall into play...ugh that stupid boy.. throwing away what must have been a great 3ish years, dummbutt...he's gonna regret that .
Tim Hughes is definately a new favorite worship leader, coming in 3rd place of my all time favs:
#3 Tim Hughes
#2 David Crowder
#1 Phil Wickham
well sons and daughters,
life is here
live in the moment
find out who you are
where and with who do you find the most peace?
discover your passion and go immerse your self in it
find an elite fistful of friends who bring out the best in you
when you find them
never let go
above all else live love
and laugh as much as possible...
P.S. check out the music video for the song "Forgiven" by Sanctus Real

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