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Thursday, May 6, 2010


bet you don't know what that means!

Noun; German. Total artwork; an artistic creation, as the music dramas of Richard Wagner, that syntesizes the elements of music, drama, spectacle, and dance.
i learned it because i did a research power pointy assignment on Elliot Peter Earls, who is in FACT a "certified oddball". One of his series is a (insert above german word) that syntesizes animation, spoken word poetry, motion graphics, interactivity, computer programming, pop song, pop song fragments, prints, photography, short digital film clips and objects.
anyways enough about that joker, (im gonna go beastmode on my powerpoint presentation of him today, Glory be to God)
Wellpers, in continuation of my last post, i still miss you, and i would like to talk, but idk when we could or if you'd want to. definately decided last time we met about the danger, and so ineviatable gotta move on. just kinda want to talk about that.
BUT lets (im addressing all readers again) talk about what i did yesternight.
I laughed until i was teary eyed.
i came off as a racist.
my friends are outrageous, dont always think before they speak, but they are amazing.
rocked out to 30seconds to Mars on the way home(s)
Then Shorty called me!! and we talked 'for a quick sec' which actually was like 30 minutes
and i quote (myself):
"it is times like these that make life worth living"
good stuff...thank you all my friends not only the ones mentioned above but all of ya'll. :)

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  1. I like how you have a friend named 'Shorty,' cause it's not like everyone is as tall as you are. ;)