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Thursday, September 17, 2009

train of thought


ok ok so this will not be a narrative or a whatever idk. so yeah im blogging because im having withdrawals from facebook and what not because of my goal to give it up for the 10 weeks im doing the "experiancing God" bible study which is really great thus far.

im gonna be honest i had a point...AHAHA! I was going to tell you about my day today!

so highlights: went to class, picked up swell friend Raina, took her home, then i went to my home, ate dinner, aired up my flattened tired, then got on the road to my bible study.....

here is when it happened. i was traveling along, speeding more or less down broad towards belt line, then i spy something on the road...moving on the road OH MY GOSH ITS A TURTLE!!! eereeeerrrrrrr (haha gotcha i didnt squeal my tires) i swerved out of its way though. then trying to recover from the suprise, i realized at its pace would still prolly get crushed! so i pulled over, locked the car, and i ran back down the road to where i had saw him. he had made to the otherside safely but couldnt make it over the curb! so after a few seconds of nervous evaluation i reached down and picked him up, so he at least would be safe and out of the street. i placed him down next to the man made pond or lake.
feeling very happy with my selfless deed, i waited for him to move out of his shell so i could take a picture. but it didnt. but i waited and its head came out some, i took a few pictures anyway.
then i received a phone call, getting up i answered their question and slowly turned around towards the turtle who after my first step, bolted into the lake!! which i now see why the tortoise beat the hare! because he was faaaaast! he got me good on that one, but i'll still enjoy the pictures i have of its shell anyways.

after said turtle rescue i went to cedar hood and picked up my new glasses which are framelessly fabulous! lol. then to bible study where we talked about prayer, it was all in all a very great day i suppose.

anyways so that was my day...

i'll now give you a brief synopsis update thing of whats been going through my thoughts lately:
im falling out of love with my wendy darling, so we both can move on in life. its been horrbly tough. but we each agree its for the better. im going to try and not deal with dating scene for a few months unless God presents a case sooner to me. another reason what im doing the excperiancing God bible study so i can try to grow in my communication and deeper love relationship with Him.

i love my best friends, and late night phone calls! so call me up whenever. im usually in bed before 230-3 A.M.

P.S. i got the new skillet CD "Awake" which is abosolutely suuuuuperb! favorite songs include Lucy, Monster, Hero, and Don't Wake Me. but thats just cuz i can relate to the lyrics in those the most. the whole ablum is amazing, and well done.

yours truly,


  1. IF you actually read the post, you would understand that people develop such disorders as a need for control, ANY control, in their life...

  2. I appreciate you! You've been given an honorable mention on my blog. :) See what I have made for you!