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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So today, on my way to pcik up my sister from piano practice, I looked out into the sky as one of my favorite songs by phil wickham played, and had a moment of complete total satisfaction. I felt fully content in every aspect of my life. Of course there are new experiances i would like to taste, and old ones i would want to revisit, but those would be extra icing on my perfectly baked cake that is my life.
As i continued to drive, as well as observe the gloriousness of the colorful sky and all that inhabit it, I tried to figure out wht i felt this way. Only to realize that i was complete in Him. I was embracing my life, by handing it over to God. Trusting Him with all the things that clutter it and potential problems that could harm it. And for ONCE in these last few weeks felt the relaxing power and blessed Hakuna Matata like emotions that are direct results of giving your life to God, and letting Him guide you, and change your life to the way He planned your life to be.
Believe it or not His dreams, goals, and plans for our lives usually are 1000x better than what we could ever make them to be. We need His help.
Are our actions and situations pleasing to Him? or does He have something better for you?

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