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Friday, August 12, 2011

What do you do that is wrong?

I just watched "The Help". it's about civil rights, and tells the sad reality of African maids during the beginning of the civil rights movement. My mom was very taken by this movie "thought provoked" if you will, and stated:

"Those people thought they were christians...they didn't see anything wrong with how they treated the African Americans...They thought they were doing what Jesus would do."

"It was just such a huge reality in there standard lifestyle, they didn't recognize it as wrong."
-said my stepdad

Then my mom asked: "Is there something we do today as christians (or not) that is wrong, yet it's so engrained in our lifestyle that we cannot see it?"

That's the question i leave you with for now. I'll be thinking some more and do a follow up post.


The Help, is one of the best civil rights movie i've seen in years. (above is the book that started it all)

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