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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hypoctypical and Stereocritical

DISCLAIMER: None of the following is meant to be rude, or judgmental. This is solely a lesson I've learned, and what I've taken from prior encounters.

Tonight I realized that actions can define us, and stereotype us.

I know what you're thinking: "DUH!"

But do we really think about this?

One specific action doesn't truly express one's whole self.
But one specific action can stereotype you.

All it takes is one time, and you're stuck in it, until proven otherwise.

If someone knows you've been drunk, and then you act like you're drunk, to pull someone's leg, most people aren't gonna put it past you.

If you actively cuss, and then you curse in someones direction, but you try to tell them you weren't, it'll take strong evidence to prove otherwise.

One specific action, and people aren't going to put it past you.

This scares me as I try to think about what I've done, and hope I am not too far gone to realize any stereotypes I may have put myself in.

Do people see you, the way you truly want to be seen?

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