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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Life is stranger than fiction

Me: Peter Pan. Golden Retriever. Otter. little Jesus.
~not white
BUT indescribable
How do you comfortably draw
something indescribable
Child-like...BLUE and GREEN
no race is blue and green.
except the Navi but they don't exist. And if they do then it comes down to the probable fact that the painting will not ever be in their hands
for they live on Pandora
not earth.
At least not that i've seen.
But one thing is that you can't describe a multi-billion named being
in just one drawing.

Do you draw billions, or just the one and two that come to pass at the time being?

Hmm ^^

Life is good.

There's peace this room of my house as i lay on my bed, and there will continue to be peace as i get up and blog this and there will continue to be peace as i oil pastel this of my heart. (post blogging)

:) The God of the universe, aka He made it, loves me.
AND HE LOVES YOU! if you havent heard this before or would just like to talk more. Leave a note for me below or find me on fb and send a message.
Its wonderful.

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