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Sunday, March 28, 2010

a brief post

i regret what i said in my last post about my former relations with Wendy had become a mere aquaintanceship. i feel like i placed an unequivocated halt to it. which is not something i wanted, still want a friemdship if that be possible.

life continues
..and its GREAT matter how i 'feel'. i need not let my emptions run rampant.
God is in control. i trust him in this season of singleness.
it is well with my soul.

The Princess and the Frog, How to Train your Dragon (3D), Alice in Wonderland, Fantasia 2000 are superb movies.

The Middle, The Office, Community, and Modern Family are all four of my favorite tv shows that are on right now. (GLEE will be back APRIL 13TH)

These bands with their specific CD's have helped me these last months
Phil Wickham- Heaven & Earth
DCB- Church Music
Switchfoot- Hello Hurricane
Fireflight- For Those Who Wait

Upcoming on this blog of mine will be a compilation page of my favorite actors.

wellpers im about to pass out here. im going to bed.

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